Contoh Proposal Festival Musik (Square Music Festival 2004 Sponsorship Proposal)

Proposal Festival Musik

……. Square Music Festival 2004
Sponsorship Proposal

A. Introduction
……. Square is the site of a national award winning project to restore a magnificent Georgian square to its former glory. The project started in September 1999 and has been completed in 2004. The restoration work has created an impressive and tranquil event space in the heart of ……… Center. The broad range and high quality of both City Council and externally promoted events is an indication of the attractiveness of the square and serves to celebrate the completed work.

……. is musically and culturally a diverse city. A key strand of …….'s bid for European Capital of Culture was to create more platforms for and a wider public exposure of high quality and diverse contemporary music in the City. …….'s designation as a cultural city of excellence brings with it some recognition of the vibrant local music scene. To celebrate that, and as part of ……. City Council's continuing commitment to the promotion and celebration of the City's culture.
New Jazz 2002 and 2003 were exciting programmes of after work and evening concerts on ……. Square in august featuring around 20 musical artistes, interspersed with alternative cabaret and performance poetry. We are currently considering keeping with New Jazz 2004 or renaming the event to reflect an anticipated broader musical programme.
The programmes ranged from up-tempo Mozambique inspired township jazz, to music described as "jazz ambient trance". Many have featured on national radio and released recordings on labels in ……. and as far away as Tokyo. The line ups included ensembles led by accomplished musicians such as JohnTaylor, Andy Hague, Kevin Figes and Emma Hutchinson, and bands such as Big Fish, The Blessing, The Organelles and Dub Orchestra.
Also featured was King Cotton, a compelling and ambitious 19 strong Community based jazz musical project with music written in a New Jazz style describing the history of Cotton making in Barton Hill …….. This was a stunning line up of musicians from the East ……. Jazz Club and the piece describes a little known but very important story of …….'s Working class history with implications for understanding the way ……. is today.

The aims of the concert series were:
a. to showcase to audiences emergent artists and a diverse range of contemporary music.
b. to develop new audiences for contemporary music through attracting a broader mix of concert attendees eg. office workers, families and local residents, as well as contemporary music aficionados.
c. to make the concerts as accessible and family friendly as possible, through free admission, by staging the events on a well serviced accessible site, with catering provision and hospitality, etc.
d. to try out a new model for programming concerts in open spaces, with more challenging and experimental artistes.
e. to conduct audience/market research to gain a better understanding of audience needs and market potential in terms of live music promotion.
Team has been commissioned to undertake this work.

New Jazz 2002 tested out the idea of using ……. Square for such events. New Jazz 2003 built on that success, but also developed and extended the programme. This is both in terms of increasing the number of events and the range of performers featured. This year, the series was marketed through the specially commissioned www….  website, 20,000 programmes, posters, banners, LED screen video clips, invitations and a press and media profiling through venue, evening post and radio and broadcast partners.
The event has established a strong identity and secured popular local support. However, opportunities now exist to expand the programme, improve the overall audience experience and significantly realize the events publicity potential.
……. City Council is seeking to develop a two until three year sponsorship of the ……. Square Music Festival, based on exciting plans to develop the content of the event and raise its profile still further.
B. The Event

New Jazz has grown to include an extremely varied and exciting programme. Highlights of the 2003 festival were
20 local bands, over 100 musicians
a. Quality restaurant BBQ catering from local businesses, The Mud Dock, The River and Il Bordello
b. Live performance poetry competition ‘The New Jazz Slam’
c. Innovative cabaret

C. Market Research
Research at the ……. Square Festival has confirmed that the aspects of the festival which people like the most are:
a. General atmosphere and location to city centre.
b. Relaxed attractive environment.
c. Creative original music.
d. Involvement in catering from local restaurants.
Additionally, people have identified that they would like to see the following improved or added to the festival:
a. More music/entertainment with broader interest.
b. More catering options but keeping high quality.
c. More for younger children on weekends.

D. Developing the event

a. The successful friday lunchtime and afterwork format with occasional weekend dates in August could be expanded to include further weekend dates and early September dates.
b. Develop programme to include traditional jazz/blues, world music, classical, open mike and explore further poetry slam and silent cinema opportunities. ……. Silents/Watershed collaboration to produce a series of outdoor film events to be screened as part of the established New Jazz programme - live music events accompanying silent shorts. Watershed has the experience and contacts to provide outside projection on a scale necessary for these screenings. ……. Silents has been developing an expertise over the past two years in the screening and programming of live silent cinema events at Watershed and elsewhere including the Barbican.

c. Launch the event at the Harbour Festival on Sunday 1 August, …….’s premier event and the largest event in the South West with audiences of 100,000 per day.

d. Develop programming partnerships with established and respected organizations, such as, Colston Hall, Old Duke, Commonwealth Museum, Watershed and build further support from local ……. Square business community.

e. Expand programme to include city wide tour of event to other ……. parks.

E. Benefits of title sponsorship
Title sponsorship of the ……. Square Festival offers a host of outstanding benefits:
a. Title sponsorship of an already popular and rapidly emerging event with real creative potential ……. Square Festival in the most prestigious public park in ……., the regional capital of the South West.
b. Profile raising opportunity through pre-event publicity and PR, on site branding and media coverage.
c. Promotional opportunities on event site to a potential 100,000 people on launch day at the Harbour Festival and thereafter 2,000 – 5,000 people.
d. Branding to appear on all printed material and digital media; including web pages, LED display screen, posters, promotional flyers, city centre sail structure banner, banners and other on-site branding.
e. Press advertising in the ……. Evening Post, Venue and other key publications.
f. ……. Evening Post promotional feature.
g. Promotional feature in ‘Venue’ Magazine.
h. Coverage in ……. City Council’s ‘……. News’, delivered to every household in ……. (approximately 400,000 people).
i. On-air promotion with ……. City Council’s media partner, currently GWR.
j. ……. City Council will seek to maximise pre and post event publicity, issuing material to all local media outlets, including BBC and HTV.

F. Title sponsorship fee
In order to bring about the above plans for the ……. Square Festival, sponsorship income needs to be increased.  The options for achieving this are:
a. Title sponsorship of £………,
b. Title sponsorship of £………, plus £………, income from supporting sponsors. The key
Opportunities for supporting sponsors are;
a. Music Stage £………,
b. Live Poetry Slam £………,
c. Watershed Outdoor Screen Option £………,

The involvement of supporting sponsors would be on the basis of branding the sponsored element of the event.  Successfully obtaining all, indeed, any of the supporting sponsorships cannot be guaranteed.
We are happy to negotiate the title sponsorship fee, and therefore the level of any supporting sponsorship.  Equally, we are keen to secure a two until three year title sponsorship contract.  This will enable an on going programme of improvements to the event aimed at maintaining and developing the ……. Square Festival as one of …….’s premier events.

G. Summary
……. City Council believes the potential exists for the ……. Square Festival to attain a regional and national profile as an original, creative music and performing arts festival. The opportunity now exists for sponsors to lift this emerging event into a widely popular and established part of the regional event calendar.  We would be delighted to work with sponsors to develop the event and to realize its full publicity potential.
City Centre Spaces Manager
28th  January 2004


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